Ashwaq Almudhaf

Ashwaq Almudhaf, a luminary in engineering, entrepreneurship, and AI, is on a mission to democratize education and unlock the transformative power of AI worldwide. Marked by her groundbreaking role as the first woman on the Kuwaiti Society of Engineers' board and her impactful position in the Municipal Council, her journey is distinguished by a series of pioneering efforts. As a member of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development until its dissolution in 2022, she significantly contributed to the China steering committee for the $40B Northern Economic Zone, illustrating her influence in global economic strategies. At the heart of her global operations, through ventures like Accelerate and Dar DAMEC, lies a firm belief in a world without borders—a world where innovation and education flow freely. Beyond her business endeavors, Ashwaq's role as a Design Thinking lecturer at GUST University underscores her dedication to nurturing the next generation of innovators and thinkers. A biohacker, educator, and advocate for lean startups and digital transformation, Ashwaq is not just creating change; she's sculpting a future where global empowerment and innovation intersect. Join her as she continues to break new ground, empowering individuals and businesses worldwide with cutting-edge AI solutions and entrepreneurial insight.


My mission is to empower individuals and organizations by democratizing access to cutting-edge education and AI technologies. Through my personalized consultancy, innovative solutions, and strategic partnerships, I aim to unlock the full potential of my clients, fostering growth, efficiency, and transformative success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


My vision is to lead the charge in bridging the gap between advanced technology and global educational access. I aspire to create a world where knowledge and AI tools are universally accessible, enabling every aspiring entrepreneur and established business to reach their highest potential. By pioneering the integration of AI and education, I commit to contributing to a society where progress, sustainability, and empowerment are not just ideals, but realities for all.